my brothers farm…  using my moms Nikon FM2, some film she had from the 90s, and hand processed in my bathroom

tegansarajean asked:
"Hi Courtney! I met you and your band in Pittsburgh for the Lets Make Things Physical Tour. I loved it. I love your artwork! What are some of your favorite cartoons? Do you like the cartoon Adventure Time?"

yeah i like adventure time alright…my favorite cartoons are daria and the simpsons. peace and love 2 ya

fvckchandler asked:
"hi ok so i saw you with tegan & sara and i got the vibe and i was just wondering if you're gay? sorry if thats kinda personal, tegan & sara fans wanna know. ok your awesome thanks bye"

i believe in the possibility of finding luv in any1, thanks :)

sweetpulp asked:
"i'm in love with your work, i want to take your work on a date at a pizzeria and then propose to your work on the first date."

my work will accept ur proposal :3

bliichan asked:
"I'm sure. You hear it all the time but I'm freaking out over your little animations they are so beautiful I'm sorry I'm your new biggest fan.....;;"

aww thanks hehe :_)